The Art of Affirmations

Create A New Storyline for Yourself

Do you ever wonder how your thoughts form your perception of the world around you, specifically when it comes to how you fit into the world? Take a moment to consider how your negative feelings about yourself might be getting in the way of progressing your career, creating meaningful relationships, and investing in your future.

Now, consider what would happen if you were able to boost your self-esteem and think more positively about yourself and your place in the world.

Enter, positive affirmations.

You, me, and practically everyone else in the 21st century have heard of positive affirmations, but have you ever wondered how they work and if they could work for you? If so, my The Art of Affirmations webinar is perfect for you.

Together, on Tuesday, December 7th at 7:00 pm EST, I’ll be working with participants to explore the power of self-affirmation and discuss the science behind how thoughts are formed and why we trend toward negative self-thought.

Meet Dr. Cheryl Burton, the Facilitator of The Art of Affirmations

Dr. Cheryl Burton is the President/CEO of Cheryl A. Burton Consulting, and an Executive Director, coach, speaker, and trainer on The John Maxwell Team. With 40+ years of experience in the field of personal growth and development, Dr. Cheryl is adept at accelerating the growth and effectiveness of her clients and helps them find solutions to the unique challenges they encounter. For many, living their dream has become a reality as a result of her coaching expertise.
In her role as a consultant and trainer, Dr. Cheryl provides guidance for leaders to align their values with their mission, create a diverse and inclusive culture that inspires individual achievement, and empower their teams. Communication assessments and leadership and Mindset workshops lead to improved communication skills, innovative thinking, and creative collaboration. A sense of community pride is developed, with gains in productivity and profitability!
Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after, engaging, inspirational speaker. Whether a guest panelist or giving a Lunch and Learn presentation for your company or organization, or a keynote address, her talks are crafted to challenge your thinking and move your heart. Topics are varied and timely and they arise from her many years of practice and experience; however, they are also based on specific client requests.
Dr. Cheryl took the bold step to leave her humble beginnings in her native Panama to attend college in the U.S. She lived the immigrant experience of sacrificing the proximity of a supportive family to invest in creating a better future for herself, her husband and young daughter. Her persistence and hard work have been rewarded with success, extensive personal growth, and international recognition. She maintains a strong desire to help others question and overcome their self-limiting beliefs and she is committed to inspiring others to experience their best selves.

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Cheryl A. Burton Consulting

Stop Self-Sabotaging

So many of us live in a continuous state of low self-esteem. We might occasionally think that we’re capable people, who can amount to great things, but those thoughts can be fleeting. More commonly, we replay thoughts in our head that tell us things like, “I could never do that,” or “That will never happen to me.”

As a result, the concept of self-affirmations can feel fake, forced, or impossible.

I get it, looking in the mirror and telling yourself how awesome you are can feel, well, awkward. This is only because we’re so used to speaking poorly of ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re ready to start new, positive patterns of self-thought that can begin to heal your mind, body, and self image, don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth.

I Can’t Wait to Share With You on Tuesday, December 7th at 7:00 pm EST!